March 22


4 Top Reasons to Install a Whole House Surge Protector

By pallardy

March 22, 2022

High-tech appliances, computers, gaming consoles, security systems, and entertainment centers are now common in American households. The installation of a whole-house surge protector is becoming necessary for homeowners who want to protect expensive appliances and electronic devices from the damage caused by power spikes and surges.

A power surge is an unexpected increase in energy voltage. Most people think about power surges caused by downed power lines, lightning strikes, and utility grid problems. Experts estimate that 80% of power surges are caused by internal sources such as faulty wiring, overloaded circuits, and large appliances turning on and off.

What Is a Whole House Surge Protector?

A whole-house surge protector is hard-wired directly into your circuit breaker or electrical panel to protect your entire home from electrical spikes. A whole-house surge protector protects your home’s electrical appliances and devices from voltage spikes, limiting excess electrical current by blocking its flow or shorting it to the ground. 

Why Not Just Rely On Power Strips?

Not all power strips offer surge protection. And there are a lot of expensive appliances that cannot be plugged into a power strip – refrigerators, stoves, HVAC systems, dryers, and other major appliances need the protection that a whole house surge protector provides. While point-of-use surge protectors can help protect computers, printers, and other smaller devices, most can’t offer the same level of protection.

Four Important Reasons to Install a Whole House Surge Protector

1. To Protect High Tech Devices

Modern households have more electronic devices and equipment than ever before. Many household appliances have circuit boards or microprocessors, which need protection from power surges. Even minor power spikes or surges can easily damage computers, entertainment systems, gaming consoles, and other electronic devices. Repairing or replacing damaged appliances can be expensive, so it is essential to protect them from power fluctuations.

2. To Extend the Lifespan of Major Appliances 

Major appliances tend to cycle on and off from time to time. You likely hear your refrigerator do this a couple of times each day. While this is common, it contributes to as much as 80% of power surges in a home. Over time, this process can damage appliances and shorten their life spans. Any appliance or electronic device with a microprocessor is vulnerable to fluctuations in voltage. A whole-house surge protector helps protect appliances and extends their lifespan.

3. To Prevent Damage From Lightning Strikes

While many homeowners dismiss damaging lightning strikes as unlikely, they are more common than most people realize. Insurance claims caused by lightning strikes are among the most costly each year, yet it’s easy to avoid these losses by installing a whole-house surge protector. When lightning strikes at power lines, it can send a surge of electricity down the wires and into your home. A whole-house surge protector helps prevent these surges from entering your home circuits, damaging your appliances and your home’s electrical system. 

4. To Bring Your Home Up to Code and Improve Safety

Though a whole-house surge protector’s primary function is to protect appliances and electronics from harm, it also protects the entire electrical system. Without a proper surge protection system, a device or electrical outlet that malfunctions could produce sparks, flames, or even a house fire. Whole house surge protection makes your entire home safer. The revised edition of the National Electrical Code of 2020 has made surge protection required for electrical service replacements or upgrades. 

Can a DIYer Handle the Installation?

Unless you are a skilled electrician, you should hire a professional to install these devices. The electrical wiring on your service panel may be confusing, improperly installed, or have other defects which could pose a significant risk to even the most experienced DIYer. For your safety and that of your home and appliances, it’s best to hire a qualified electrician to install a whole-house surge protector.

Call a Local Trusted Electrician

If you want a surge protector installed, talk to the experts at Pallardy Electric. Our team of skilled electricians can assess the overall safety of your electrical system and recommend the proper surge protection for your home. 

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