May 21


7 Reasons Why Electrical Work Should Never Be DIY

By pallardy

May 21, 2021

If you have a DIY attitude, there are some home maintenance and repair jobs you can accomplish on your own. Some are more doable than others. However, electricity is not an area for amateurs.

You can’t just watch some YouTube video to learn all the ins and outs of electricity. Besides being a complex field, the risks of injury and damage is very high on the list.

You'll enjoy a greater sense of security and peace of mind knowing that your family is safe, and the work was done by professional electricians who have years of experience in this field.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician

There are many reasons why electrical work should never be done by amateurs. Whether you're looking to increase safety or save money on your monthly bills, hiring an electrician is always your best bet.

1. Safety

Safety is extremely important when it comes to electrical work, and if you're not qualified, you risk your life and that of those around you. Electrical wiring can be hazardous if done wrong, so it's best left up to someone who knows what they're doing.

You can be shocked by a live wire or suffer an electric shock by touching two wires at once with metal objects (screwdriver). Furthermore, there are risks to those around you, such as carbon monoxide poisoning from faulty wiring.

Electrical work is not something to be taken lightly. It can cause fires, explosions and serious injuries or even death if done incorrectly by someone who's never had the proper training for it.

2. Knowledge, Experience, and Tools

You may not be able to identify the problem. An amateur electrician might think that a blown fuse is due to old wiring when in reality, it's caused by faulty electrical equipment or even something as simple as too many appliances being plugged into one outlet. A professional electrician will know what the problem is right away and will be able to find the cause.

Professional electricians must be properly trained and certified, and they'll likely have the right tools for the job. They know the ins and outs of quality wiring, so they'll do everything in their power to ensure your home's safety from fire or shock hazard.

You don't want to try and do electrical work yourself without the right certification or tools, as you could risk injury and damage to your home. Your electrician will have all of this covered for you and they'll be able to complete the project in a timely manner with less hassle on your end.

3. Cost and Time

Do not let your wallet get in between you and safety or performance.  Hiring an electrician will save you time, money, and headaches so that you can focus on other aspects of your life!

The money you pay a professional electrician is worth it.  It may seem like a lot to spend on one service, but the benefits are worth it. They will do the job right the first time, so you won't pay extra to fix the problem.

A professional electrician is worth it for many reasons: they do their jobs right the first time. They'll save you time because it won't take them as long to finish the job as it would have taken if you had done it yourself. There will be no need for any additional fixes or expensive repairs.

4. Legality

For some electrical work, a permit is required to legally do the work. These permits ensure that local codes and safety protocols are properly followed. Professional electricians and contractors must also obtain permits to complete jobs.

Without a professional electrician, the work may not pass inspection. There are different standards for inspectors and if they don't see a certain type of work, then it's not going to pass inspection. The inspector will also check the wiring to make sure it’s up to code. If the wiring is up to code, then the inspector will issue you a Certificate of Compliance.

5. Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Depending on the state, some professional electricians must be licensed. All professional electricians should be certified and have insurance and worker’s compensation. This ensures that they're qualified to do the work you need done, but also guarantees that if anything should happen while they're working on your property, then their insurance will cover any damages or injuries that occur while on the job.

That means you won't have to pay expensive deductibles if there are damages done to your property during electrical installation or repairs.

6. Professional Network

If you're remodeling and you need other experts, like plumbers or contractors, your electrician can recommend them to you. When your professional electrician is working in your home, they'll often be able to see things other experts might not notice and recommend them as a result. This includes plumbing needs or repairs that need attention before moving forward with the remodeling project at hand.

7. Peace of Mind

Working with a qualified professional will give you peace of mind knowing that not only were they properly trained but that they have been doing this type of work for years

Your professional electrician is bound by a code of ethics to make sure they're doing everything according to the law and with safety in mind, so you can rest assured knowing your home's electrical system is up to current codes.

Trust a Local Electrician for all Your Electrical Needs

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