Commercial Rewiring/Tenant Buildouts

Have you expanded, remodeled, or upgraded your commercial building? Or has your company moved into a new building space? Unless you built it from the ground up, the layout of the electrical system is probably not an ideal set up for your operations.

Or if you’re a commercial property owner or manager, you need to make sure your electrical wiring and systems are updated for your tenants. The systems must meet code requirements and provide enough power for those businesses leasing your space.

Pallardy Electric can set up or retrofit your electrical system so that it is laid out efficiently for the needs of any type of business. Whether it’s setting up a new building layout, or completely revising the current one, we have the expertise to get the job done right and on schedule.

Our experienced electricians can customize each tenant area with the appropriate wiring setup for the business’s requirements. Our electricians will work to customize each tenant area with the wiring it requires for business.

Expert Electricians for All Commercial Needs

Pallardy Electric is experienced in both residential and commercial electrical services and installation. We can provide you with the following for all your commercial needs:

  • Electrical planning and consultation
  • Installing the main electrical services
  • Running conduit sub feeders to tenant spaces
  • HVAC wiring
  • Phone and data wiring
  • Lighting installation and relocation
  • Fire alarms
  • New electrical receptacles
  • Dedicated power for computer rooms and commercial cooking equipment
  • Lighted sign wiring
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Audio and video systems wiring

Reasons to Rewire Your Building

The electrical system in your commercial space is crucial for continued operations. It’s important to make sure it is safe, functional, and meets the needs of the business. There are situations when electrical rewiring is necessary to meet those goals.

  • Building Age. The older the building is, the more likely that the electrical system needs updating or replacing. office electrical system may not be strong enough for the electricity demands of modern-day businesses.
  • Remodeling. If a commercial building is being remodeled or repurposed, the electrical wiring will likely need to be relocated and updated to suit the needs of the new space and tenant.
  • Code Requirements. Local codes covering electrical systems change. When they do, you will need to update your system to meet those new standards.
  • Safety. If the wiring in your building was incorrectly installed, it could pose a serious safety hazard. It will need to be rewired to correct the situation.
  • Expansion. When a business expands its operations, many times the electrical system must be modified to accommodate the additional requirements.

Commercial vs. Residential Rewiring

Electrical systems in commercial buildings differ from those in homes. For example, commercial buildings have several different voltage arrangements, while residential is always the same voltage. Most businesses require a much larger amount of power than homes do. That’s why they are set up with a three-phase design to handle the load. 1200-2000+ amps. There is also more conduit in commercial wiring.

Not all electricians are experienced in commercial wiring. That’s why it’s important to make sure you hire one who is proficient in the special requirements of a commercial electrical system to rewire your building.

Call Us for Your Commercial Rewiring Needs

Pallardy Electric has professional electricians experienced in rewiring commercial buildings. We are licensed, bonded and insured. You can be assured that we will rewire your premises according to code and standards.

In business since 2001, we have served many satisfied commercial customers in St. Charles and St. Louis counties. Contact us today for help with all your commercial electrical needs.


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