Quality Electrician Services in Wentzville

A good electrician is a necessity for your home or business. You may not need one now, but the chances are you’ll need one in the future. When you do, it’s important to hire an experienced and trusted electrician that is competent in the area of electrical services you need performed.

Hire an Electrician that Meets Your Needs

Not all electricians do both commercial and residential work. Commercial electrical systems and requirements are more complex and larger in scope than residential. If you need an electrician for your commercial business in Wentzville, make sure you hire one that specializes and is experienced in doing commercial electrical work.

Pallardy Electric has expertise in both commercial and residential electrical systems. We’ve been providing Wentzville business and home owners with exemplary electrician services for over 15 years.

Commercial Rewiring/Tenant Buildouts

If you’ve recently moved your business to another location in Wentzville, chances are the electrical system layout does not meet your needs. Pallardy can come in and rewire an existing layout or set up a new one to your specifications.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades and Improvements

If your Wentzville office, factory, warehouse, or other commercial building has the old fluorescent or metal halide lights, we can replace them with more efficient LED lighting. You’ll benefit by getting brighter lighting, reduced utility bills, and longer life from your LED bulbs.

Residential Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Your Wentzville home may have been built over 20 years ago, which means it could have an outdated electrical service panel. These panels cannot accommodate the electricity load that most home’s require today. We can update them to new panels that meet code and function more efficiently.

Residential Remodels

Renovating or adding rooms to your home will likely require electrical system modifications or upgrades. Pallardy can help you with rewiring, adding or moving outlets and switches, installing lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, and even installing audio-visual equipment.

Are you building your dream home in Wentzville? We can help you set up your electrical system layout just as you want it.

Residential Electrical Inspections

When you sell your home, you will it to pass a home inspection before the contract is signed. A large part of the inspection relates to your electrical system. Be proactive before you put it on the market by hiring Pallardy Electric to inspect your home to make sure it will meet building codes. We can replace or upgrade any areas that are in violation, like the service panels, GFCI receptacles, electrical wiring, etc.

Backup Generators

Are you concerned about being without power after a severe storm strikes? Pallardy can install a backup generator in your Wentzville home to ease your mind. Your electrical appliances and lighting will continue to function without interruption.

Service Calls and Troubleshooting

Pallardy Electric is available for emergency service when you need us. If your commercial or residential electrical system is malfunctioning or you’re having any electrical problems at all, give us a call. We’ll inspect your premises and advise you and solutions. Upon your approval, we’ll resolve the issues quickly.

Hire a Trusted Electrician for Your Wentzville Home or Business

Pallardy Electric is experienced and knowledgeable in both commercial and residential electrical systems. You can count on us to provide the best service at a fair price for all your electrical needs.


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"My property has worked with Joe several times in the past and have always had a pleasant experience. He is professional and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend his services!"

- Andrea Rand

"We have used Pallardy Electric numerous times. Does awesome work in a timely manner. Very reasonably priced also!"

- Sue Eikel

"I Have used Pallardy electric for multiple jobs commercial and residential, and they always provide a high quality experience, are very well priced, and very easy to work with. I would recommend using Pallardy for any electrical work if you live in the St. Louis area."

- Mike Goodman

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