Residential Electrical Service Calls

In today’s world, electricity is a necessity. Without it, we can’t preserve or prepare our food, communicate with others, or see to walk through a room at night.  Consequently, when your electrical system is not working correctly, you need to employ a professional to correct the issue.

Signs You Need an Electrician

Pallardy Electric is here for all your electrical needs. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, please give us a call.

Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

An occasional overload will cause a circuit breaker to trip. If the cause is obvious and easy to fix (like unplugging some devices from a circuit) you may not need to call us.  However, if the cause is not so straightforward or it is occurring more frequently, you should give us a call to check out the issue.

Lights Dim and Flicker

If you notice lights dimming or flickering, this may be a sign of a loose connection or an overloaded circuit.  We can help you.

Overloaded Outlets

Do you have multiple extension cords or power strips in your electrical outlets? You probably need to have some additional circuits run and outlets installed to safely power your devices.

Warm Outlets or Switches

If you notice an outlet or switch that is warm to the touch, this could be a sign of a bad connection or an outlet or switch that needs to be replaced.

Your Outlets Aren’t Code-Compliant

GFCI receptacles are required in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, outside and in unfinished basements. If you don’t have GFCI receptacles in these areas or if you aren’t sure if you do, give us a call.

You Have Aluminum Wiring

Some homes built in the late 60’s and early 70’s still have aluminum wiring which requires different outlets and switches.  If your home has aluminum wiring, give us a call so we can discuss the options to keep your electrical system safe and working properly.

Electrical Work Is Not a DIY Project

You may be quite handy in making repairs around the house. After all, there are how-to videos on the internet for just about everything. But some repairs are best left to the professionals, and electrical work is definitely one of those.

The main reason to hire a professional electrician is safety. Working with electricity can be dangerous with the risk of shock or electrocution to yourself or others. There is also a risk of a damaging appliances or causing a fire. Protect yourself, your family, and your property by hiring only a licensed and insured electrician for your electrical needs.

Another factor is cost. You may think you are saving money by doing the job yourself, but it could cost you a lot more to fix a shoddy job. Hiring a professional to do the job in the first place can help you avoid more costly repairs or damages down the road.

Call Pallardy Electric for any electrical issue you may have. Our licensed and certified electricians will quickly diagnose and correct the problem. We’ll leave your home safe and secure by making sure your electrical system is functioning properly.


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